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Hi everyone:
For a Friend I installed win XP instead of the pre-installed Vista on a Dell 1545. It was quite a piece of work. I also installed some simple games Shanghai and Majongg. Now, it turns out there is no accompanying sound.
I read in the control panel --> audio, no sound available. I tried installing 2 different (Dell suggested) drivers, soundblaster and something called IHT 90 to no avail. On the packing slip enclosed with this laptop it doesn't mention wether or not a sound card is installed. The daughter of this friend has an identical laptop, but with pre-installed Vista and on that lap-top the sound works ok. Anyone any suggestions?
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    Try to see if there are updated from Microsoft Update Center.
    Sometimes they have certificate drivers over there that recognized automatically for your PC.

    Also make sure you got the latest Service Pack for your copy of XP.
  2. Hi Matan:
    Did that, and XP has SP3. Microsoft was of no help.
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