Cannot delete files on sd card

my computer has XP. since a few days when i try to delete a file on a sd card i cant. actually what happens is that it show that the files has been deleted but when i re-insert the card all deleted files reapear. i try to format and it doesnt allow me.


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  1. Try formatting it with a DOS program, that's what I did to format a USB flash drive that had that same problem.
  2. thanks the problem is that i can not always reformat it. i just want to be able to delete files from my cards without needing to reformat it always...Perhaps someone has an idea...
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    If it's a common problem, try returning the SD card, they usually have a good warranty.

    I suggested the formatting because sometimes the problem is that the memory gets corrupted somehow and the formatting fixes it.

    But if you keep having to do the same stuff over and over try to RMA the card.
  4. in dont think is the sd card cause they work fine on my other computer...i really think is something with xp or maybe the permissions set on the as administrator but still can not erase files...
    thanks on the ideas though, perhaps you could suggest something?
  5. I have the identical problem.
    And it happens just on ths one 16gig card.
    Delete files, and poof they are back.
    Reformating did delete them for good, but it started again as soon as I put new files on it.
    If ONLY does this with .MOV files and not the jpg ones.

    Any ideas?
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