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Hi all I wanna programm a Dictionary website with HTML but I don`t know how to do. Could any one help to program it?
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  1. You'd need to use a programming language (HTML is a scripiting one) like PHP
  2. How should I Do will you say how to start?
  3. well, at first you need to know databases. Try learning some SQL and how to use the MySQL db
  4. And after that should I add the glossaries of dictionary into the Database?
  5. yes, we call this 'populate' the database. After that you'll work on the website, which is a front-end to access the data inside it. We call this front-end of UI or GUI (graphical user interface or simply user interface)
  6. Thank you dear and another question is do you have sample code for website?
    and do you have any booklet for adding glossaries into database?
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