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I use Yahoo Messenger, but only ocassionally. But it "loads up" at log-on, displays a "contacts" window and another promotional window. Its "smiley" icon appears in my "system tray" where the clock-time is displayed. It (and a few other applications)lengthens my boot-up time and clutter up my screen. I do not want to uninstall these programs, just prevent them loading automatically, and be available only as needed.
I have tried removing it from the Processes list under "Task Manager". Does not work.
I got a suggestion to remove it from the "Startup" list---right click, delete unneeded program.
But in my XP version I do not find this "TSR" list. Help! Thanks...Kasturi
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  1. Enter the program's settings (or preferences) and uncheck the box that says something like: "load everytime that windows starts"
  2. Her's how I tried: Control panel--> system--> advanced--> there are 3 settings buttons- Performance, User profilws, Startup/recovery. But I am unable to find the programs that I do not want to turn on at startup.
    I cannot find "load every time..." check box. I'll try again as "administrator"
  3. start, run, msconfig, startup tab and uncheck all the programs that you don't want to start at the boot system.
  4. Dear Sir: I tried that. But I had to log on as Administrator to run msconfig. The annoying program (s) are in my user-account. So after unchecking a couple of "applications" , I had to restart, and I logged on to my user account. The annoying/(rarely used) programs (the main headache is the Yahoo Messenger which I use ocassionally) are still there on the system tray. I could uninstall and then reinstall. But then I do not want to lose the money I have paid Yahoo in advance for the Messenger service!
    Thanks anyway...Kasturi
  5. * Start Yahoo Messenger
    * Sign in with your Yahoo ID
    * In the menu bar, click Messenger and then go to Preferences
    * In the window that appears, uncheck ‘Automatically startup Yahoo Messenger’
    * Press ‘Apply’, ‘OK’
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