Need To Buy A Fan For An AMD X2 6000+ CPU

Hi all.

I'm looking for a fan for my AMD X2 6000+ socket AM2 processor. I've checked out &, but they don't list the cpu compatability and when they do list it, the fan only goes up to the X2 5200+ processors.

I'm looking to spend about $50 and I don't want the CPU to run warm. Any suggestions on a good fan or links to online stores that sell fans with these specs?
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  1. well i have the x2 5600+ and it was way outta controll with the stock cooler.
    i would run orthos and have to stop it at 60*c because it would just keep climbing. i decided i had to do something, my video card temps were stupid as well.
    antec 900 case and
    now 8800gts stays at 56*c full load for as long as i like[no oc]
    and my 5600 idles at 26 full load @39*c
    the 5000+ up cpu's are hot and demand effective cooling. i think i'm maxed on air. though my case fans are set to low
    temp taken from pc probe2 and most recent n-tune [dl it 2 days ago when i installed my gts]

    Most every cooler that's listed for 940 should work. The Gigabyte 40 buck version should do to. If you want, get a larger Opteron heatpipe cooler off of E-bay. That will do the job also and be close to stock.
  3. Well, from the experience I've had with my 5600+ shows that these procs do run quite warm. Needless to say, check out my thread for detailed information on my fix... but to sum it up, this is what I did. My Thread

    My 5600+ was running at about 50-55C idle and 67-71C under a full load!! Needless to say, I purchased a Zalman CNPS 9700 from Newegg along with Arctic Silver 5. Zalman CPU Heatsink and Fan

    I'm only speaking from the experience that I've personally had. After using Arctic Silver 5, this heatsink and fan and removing the rear case guard I was able to achieve temps that held average at about 39C/proc and 29C/mobo at an idle.

    I'm very happy with the results so I would recommend it to someone else. Although, it is quite a large unit, take measurements before you buy it. A slightly cheaper model is available and I'm sure it would yield similar gains Zalman CNPS9500

    Let us know!
  4. Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme.

    My temps went from 37-38 deg celcius idle and around 52-54 load


    24-26 idle and about 34 deg load

    It made a HUGE difference.

    My old overclock best was 2.91Ghz

    I was able to pull 3.108 Ghz last night and temps only went to 37 degrees celcius

    I use a Yate Loon 120mm fan to cool the Ultra 120 Extreme
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