I need some help to OC E6600 @ Gigabyte 965P-DS3

Ok i read your guide v1.1 in the following link:
and I didn't understand some things.
How can I set PCI frequency @33MHz? I didn't find this option.
"Do not enable any speeds enhancements you see", like what?

Have I change the timing of the Memories? (2X1GB 667MHZ).
Now they @ 4-4-4-12.

Just for example, when the guide says "set MCH voltage to 1.55V", I don't have an option like this, I have +0.1V +0.2V +0.3V, so what should I do about this? (the same thing about vFSB)

Sorry about all the questions, thanks a LOT who'll help me!

Specs: C2D E6600 @ stock cooling for now, maybe i'll buy BT or Freezer7PRO.
Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3.
2X1GB 667MHz.
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