Foxpro for DOS version 2.5 a Not opening up in a second PC

I have been using Foxpro 2.5a in MS DOS 6.22 PCs - from ancient 8086 through 286 SX MX 386, 486 and Pentium upto P4 over 3

decades without any problems.

After the original distribution floppy disks decayed, I just copied the files fox.exe, foxpro.exe, foxpro.ovl, FOXUSER.DBF and

FOXUSER.FPT (the first 3 remaining constant in size and date stamp while the last two changed in size and date stamp over time ,

maybe they are created during each run of the application)- via FDDs - from one working machine to another. It went on smoothly

from PC to PC.

Recently I did the same on a P4 PC Intel D915 GAVL Mobo Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz LGA 775 Processor with 256 MB RAM With MS

DOS 6.22 as the lone OS as in previous years. The autoexec.bat and config.sys were also copied from another MS DOS PC where

Foxpro is working fine (copied via FDDs from an older PC).The autoexec.bat is OK for path to fox.exe and config.sys is ok for lines







Yet in the new PC. on typing the command fox or foxpro, the Foxpro sign-in page with the Command window in one corner does

not come up. The system just hangs - to be rebooted - warm or cold.

I feel handicapped in being unable to use Foxpro on this last DOS PC.

PlssssssssHELP - SOS!
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  1. Do you have other drivers loading, such as for a CDROM? A driver from an old PC might not work properly in the current one.
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