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Asus Stealing from it's Costumers.

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August 23, 2012 10:29:08 PM

Recently I purchased a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard.
From Newegg after two Asrock boards I had just wouldn't work.
The board worked great and continued to work great until the chips just above the USB.
Managed to actually well, catch fire.

I sent it into Asus for Repairs, I Couldn't Advance RMA it.
Due to it actually catching fire so I regular RMA'd it.

I send it in, and I wait a week I hear nothing so I decide to check online and my RMA isn't even showing up anymore online, I start to become worried so Tuesday (8/21/2012) I contact them.
To which they said don't worry it's in repair now and promptly disconnected on me.
I wait a day still no Email or notification from them, and still no check back from their RMA online.
It's like my RMA is non-existent and isn't showing up.

I contact them again online, and now they are telling me my board has been damaged, and to get it back I need to pay $147.
I get kinda pissed why didn't they contact me sooner like two days ago when the motherboard came in?
Why did they have to wait two days to contact me regarding the issue and why has my RMA been removed from online!

They tell me to call and I request a Manager, to which they do not give me one at all and continue to tell me that I need to pay $147 and there's nothing they can do until I pay it.

My thing I wrapped it in 2 inchs of Bubble wrap, in a priority flat rate box cause I've dealt with RMA's before.
I also took picture's before I sent it, to Asus for repairs cause I know the crap companies try to get up too.
Here's the thing that is pissing me off to no extent.

1. They started repairs on my Motherboard on Tuesday.
2. Thursday they note the board has been damaged, and I now need to pay $147 for repairs.
3. The board is damaged on two separate sides, but the box it came in is only damaged on one side.
4. They removed the RMA online so I can no longer check it.
5. Didn't contact me sooner, no E-mail notification until I call to find out what the hell is going on.
6. With the amount of Bubble Wrap (you can all clearly see) and the damage to the box.
There is no way the Postal service could have damaged it, to get damage's like that the Board HAS TO BE DROPPED.
To which would explain why the company took a whole 2 Days to contact me about the board Now being damaged.

(Album setup so everyone can view their argument and mine)
August 24, 2012 7:03:10 PM

After the post went up on ASUS's Facebook / ASUS North America.
Here' and various other place's ASUS Contacted me today and are now replacing the board with a brand new board that hopefully won't catch fire.

September 6, 2012 8:45:32 PM

Company sent a brand new replacement motherboard, factory sealed and still in original packaging with new cables and everything as compensation for what the repair team put me thru.

Mailed it out a week and a half ago and took a while to get here before I moved.
But at least it finally came in.

Board is running fine with no problems what so ever and is running better then all previous boards that I have owned.


(You guys can close this now if you want)