2 segment network problems.... upgrading..waps and routers

ok hey guys here my situation...

my network consists of 5 or 6 computers...

as of right now it work in general good .
but im lookin to upgrade, a few problems i will point out..

this is what im running

main network from cable modem to netgear router, 2 main computers or more..
then a wirless bridge that connects to the other building 100 or so feet away.
with a belkin wirless router to cover 3 or 4 other computers.

modem>>>>>netgear router //>>>>>>comp 1 //192.168.1.xxx
>>>>>>comp 2 //192.168.1.xxx
>>>>>>Wap11 b wirless bridge //

---------------------bout 100ft one tree bush in the way.-----------------------
----wap 11 bridge 2 //>>>>>>belkin router/w wirless //
>>>>>comp 3 //192.168.1.xxx
>>>>>>comp 4 //192.168.1.xxx
>>>>>>comp 5 //192.168.1.xxx
--------wirless comp 6 //192.168.1.xxx

this setup work pretty well the bridges are just wap11s in rubbermaid containers
on the side of the buildings, but with this fridgid weather the cold starts to
affect them

so im gonna move the waps in side and use a outdoor anttena this time.

another problem is on the 2nd building only one computer likes to connect at a
time, if your surfin on one comp the other comp loses full connection and vise
versa ...it works great when just one computer is using the bridge but 2 and
limited connectoin problems.

and right now file sharing between the segments doesnt work..

so i need 2 new waps for sure.. would like opinions on bridges..
and im not sure if i should upgrad the interior routers as well.. to maybe change
multiple connecton problems...
any setup tips would help also..

im kinda stuck on were to go thanks.....
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  1. What distance are the bridges rated for? You could just be at a very low signal strength and have a very slow xfer rated with causes the drops and limited connectivity.

    Another thing you can try is assigned static IP's to the PC's on the other end. That will stop any conflicts that could be occurring during connection. *Maybe try setting the 2nd router in the other building to a 192.168.2.x DHCP scheme. That way you don't have to worry about conflicts on either end, and it organizes / segregates your network better.
  2. distance is about 100 ft... and connection is great when only one computer is on the 2nd segment.. so i think some high gain outdoor anntennas will take care of any signal problems..
  3. Hmm, the only thing I've seen happen with limited / no connectivity issues on a wireless network w/ good signal strength is when there is an IP issue.

    Maybe go on machine w/ connectivity issues and do an ipconfig /all and compare it to a machine w/ a good connection. Make sure gateway, subnet, DNS, etc. are all correct. Other than that, I'm not really sure why this would be a problem since, in theory at least, the connection is going to be divided amongst all devices connected when bandwidth is being consumed.
  4. well it just seems like somthings colliding somwere.. or my wirless bridge has low signal but is enough signal for one computer, for instance if i was running at 1mb istead of the full 11mbps..

    so to make sure its not my bridge im upgrading waps not sure what yet but im gonna use high gain antennas so the wirless bridge will be less of a factor, need some recomendations on waps....

    but overall is my setup right is this the way it should be setup... and should i upgrade the older interior routers?
  5. and all of >>>>>> are wired connections
    and these -------- are wirless

    if ya didnt get it
  6. ive also been thinkin the 2.4 ghz might be alil busy around me so i may go with a 5ghz wap.... this is for a small business so uptime is critical. and my cordless phone messes up my wap now as it is
  7. is this fourm section a lil dead.... anyone have any good networking sites ... or a active networking fourum, my net goin dead every time goes below -10 , witch is like every night ,,,

    ive got my eyes on a wap54gl that i can put dd wrt on....
    and a pigtail and out door anntena..
  8. Yeah... there's generally only 2-3 people that actively respond in this section. I'd be more helpful, but I've only been in the business for about a year now... so my experience with different products is rather limited. Although, I am getting exposed to more and more options.

    As for extreme temps - I've been working on building an out-door wireless network for a warehouse, and while viewing Cisco's antenna inventory I saw several outdoor antenna's / boxes that were meant for extreme temperatures. That may be worth checking out.
  9. i plan on running the routers inside with short leads to the out door antennas. 1or 2 ft max.... that will fix that problem for good.
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