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I have having an issue with my mouse that can best be described as jumpy movement. Its almost as if the mouse has a low frame rate and can't draw smoothly.

The interesting thing is that I can move the mouse up and down over a menu and, other than the pointer, the mouse moves smoothly. The entries my mouse moves over flawlessly highlights as I move it around. I have never seen anything like it. It does not happen all of the time gets better and gets worse seemingly randomly.

If I play team fortress 2, the mouse is jumpy at the menu but once I get in game (its an FPS with a crosshair) its flawless. No mouse problem.

Here are some system specs and details:
1. The mouse is a PS/2 mouse with a wire. I have tried two other mouses, both USB and PS/2. It is a ball mouse and not dirty. Ive also tried optical.

2. I reformatted my computer after virus scanners found nothing. Even after the reformat before doing any updates I got the same problems.

It is an alienware computer and has worked flawlessly for years. I used their alien respawn which restored the ghosted factory settings. So there should be no conflicts and indeed I have double checked. No IRQ conflicts, etc.

This is the most bazaar thing ive seen. Ive reformatted, defragged, ran a disk check. Nothing seems to work.

It is def not drivers because one day it worked, the next the problem started. Nothing was installed, no drivers were updated.

I am thinking it is a hardware problem...but whether its the hard drive or the video card or what, I don't know. I ruled out the PS/2 port since a USB mouse was no better.

As a last resort, I could try installing windows on my secondary harddrive and see how it runs, that would rule out the harddrive. But that would be very bothersome.

If anyone can offer advice or share experiences, it would be great.

3.46GHz single processor.
2GB of ram
AA8XE motherboard
GeForce 6800 GPU, 256MB (tried the Alienware recommended drivers as well as most recent)
Primary Drive: WDC WD360GD-00FNA0
Storage Drive: ST3800113AS

I did have to replace the power supply about a year ago because it went bad. Its possible that the under current could have damaged something else that didn't crop up till now. The new PSU was rated better than the original and I verified all of the wattages, amps, etc.

Because the Alien Respawn didn't solve it, I am 95% sure its not drivers or a conflict. I suppose theres a small possibility an undetectable virus hid on my storage drive and 'reinfected' immediately after the C: reformat. I used the free housecall from trend to scan. In addition, I don't surf the net on this computer and never download anything, I use it for games and work only. But I figured I would mention it.

Thanks for any assistance. Sorry for the long read.
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  1. Seems everyone is stumped, lol. I discovered one more thing...if I enable mouse pointer trail it seems to move fine. I just slid the scroll bar to almost no trail but it seems to prevent the skipping. Obviously this is still an issue in programs and such where there is no mouse trail
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