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After building my first pc last summer, my friend has asked me to help him with his first build. He has a budget of $2500-3000 for a complete system (monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and box), but of course does not have to spend that much. He will be using this system for gaming and school work. He plans to do minor upgrades over the years and wants it to last a few years before a complete overhaul. He will be building after the july 22 price cuts. He would also like dual displays and will be ocing, but not extreme.

This is what I put together:

Case: Antec 900 (his choice)

Cpu: Q6600

RAM:Crucial Balistix 2x1gb


hdd: 150gb raptor and 320gb 7200.10

gfx: evga 8800gts 640mb

dvd: lite-on sata

sound: xfi xtremegamer fatal1ty

psu: corsair 620 watt

cpu cooler: thermalright ultra-120 extreme
mouse: logitech g5
keyboard: msft natural 4000 (he wants ergo)
monitor: Lg 20" widescreen x2
speakers: logitech z-2300
os:vista home premium 32 or 64 any suggestions as to version? (he wanted it)

total: a little over $2400

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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  1. looks like a good built. I have no exp with dual monitors so maybe someone can help there but the Gfx card will run both.
    Vista 32 is probably closer to being stable for most people, so unless he has the need, stick with that.
  2. personally I'd wait if I was your friend. Not a very good tme to buy hardware...There is so much coming out in the next few months it just makes me sick. I'm getting a new build as well but waiting for x38/penryn....

    If this computer is to last your friend 2+ years I'd reccomend waiting for all the new jazz coming out. But regardless of that it looks like a good build if he's impatient...But he'll be kicking himself in a few months.
  3. I've seen some really good deals on GTX's coming out, particularly as you're buying in another month or so, the extra $100 on that sort of amount is not much for quite a bit more bang
  4. Vista is not ready yet, especially for games. Tell him to get XP; Media Center or Pro.

    The hardware looks really nice though. Reading the spec on the case, it looks like you need to buy the 4th fan (if he wants it) for the side.
  5. he needs a computer for school, so that kind of limits his wait options. from what i have read, all the new stuff is at least 4-6 months out and with delays, who knows.

    A few specific questions I had:

    1) is the psu powerful enough or is there a better one that is cheaper? I think it should be but just want to make sure. How would this one compare

    2) are there any games that support dual screens other than simulations without panning your view over the 2 screens and putting your crosshair in the middle? if not, is there any reason to get a gtx for 1600x1050?

    3) any other mobo recommendations? how does that one oc? what are the differences between that one and the more expensive evga ones?

    Thanks so far.
  6. Quote:
    Reading the spec on the case, it looks like you need to buy the 4th fan (if he wants it) for the side.

    Thanks, I did not even notice the option for a side fan. Is there enough height with the the ultra-120?

    What would be a good fan for that and the tower?

  7. I would think there'd be plenty of height. Since that fan is optional, you can always wait until you have everything installed to see how much room you have. That case looks like it should have lots of air flowing through it.
    I look for the quietest fans I can find that move a reasonable amount of air, and I do not buy sleeve-bearing fans ever because they're the first to bind. I've seen the name "Yate Loon" mentioned often in these forums.
  8. would it be worth while to get 2x2gb such as these patriot ones since he does not want to have to pay to upgrade xp in a year. and obviously that would determine the os.
  9. One suggestion, if he wants vista get the ultimate version, this way he doesn't have to make a decision between 64 or 32, it comes with both and he can run the 64 later, assuming the support for the system increase.

    Regarding the major changes coming in the computer market well hey, that is always happening, anyone who says to wait hasn't been around long enough. Even once the new items come out, CPUs, Graphic Cards, etc.... It will still cost an arm and a leg anyway. Bottom line, no time is ever the right time unless you decide it is. The one exception here is the up coming price cut in July with Intel. Other than that, just buy now, unless you believe that AMD will meet the press and all the promises they have made, or that NVIDIA will come out with the next card in 4th QRT even though they have no near term competition, or wait for penryn and pay a bunch of money for something your board will support anyway in the future. Oh, and than DDR3, well there you go, change your whole board for RAM that more then likely won't be price effective and really mainstream for almost another year. Oh, and now you have the 7200.11 series HDDs so you want to wiat there to for some cost savings, by then a new Raptor will be out, oh, and PCIE 2 etc…. Come on!

    Anyway, sorry for the rant but hey, it happens.

    Good Luck!
  10. I fhe has the money get 3x 150gb raptors and run them in raid 5.
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