OC with strange restart problem...

strange problem- oc'd to 3.2ghz stable with prime 'n memtest
BUT i can't restart my computer using winXP, the monitor turns off b/c no signal, but computer is still 'on'
i can however turn off my computer with no problem

i tried putting it back to stock speed and it restarts just fine...

possible that the mobo not discharging all energy where oc'd, and thus not turning off when restarting?

e6600@3.2ghz (8x400 with 1.35V) with ninja rev 2
tat- idle ~42, load ~57
p5b-e rev 1.01 (SOB, why didnt i check the rev?!?!?)
ocz pc 6400 plat. rev 2
sapph x1950xt
OCZ 700W
winXP sp2
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  1. Quote:
    the mobo not discharging all energy where oc'd

    Very nice technical conclusion
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