Raptor and 8800 and Vista Can Work

I posted this as a new thread because I wanted to say that the Raptor and Vista and 8800 cards can all work together. I dont want to diminish the issues THG found with the hardware but wanted to let people know that it can all work fine.

This is my system, and it all worked fine in Vista except the logitech keyboard :-

1 x Asus Striker Extreme 680i SLI (nVidia 680i - 1333 FSB Conroe)
1 x Intel Core 2 Quad QX6800 Extreme Retail (4x2.93GHz 1066FSB 8Mb)
2 x OCZ DDR2-800 2x2048MB Vista Upgrade 4GB Dual Channel Kit
2 x BFG Nvidia 8800GTX OC 768Mb PCIe HDCP
1 x BFG Ageia PhysX Accelerator
2 x 150Gb Raptor 10000 16mb E-SATA
4 x 750Gb Barracuda 7200.10 16mb Cache SATA II NCQ
1 x Sony BWU-100A Blu-Ray DVDR
1 x Creative 7.1 X-FI ExtremeGamer Fatal1ty
1 x Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit DVD OEM
1 x Logitech MX5000 Cordless Desktop

I did install all the latest drivers and ensured latest bios. Vista is running off the raptor.
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  1. Hey, I have almost the exact same setup as you, and i'm going to install vista today...Is there a compatibility problem between the mx5000 and vista? because i've used that keyboard on a vista system in the past, and it worked fine.
  2. didnt work for my system, I wasted several hours, tried latest drivers and even reinstalling Vista ... google brought up other people with same issue. I used 64bit Vista btw.

    Solution was ditch the keyboard.

    If you already have the keyboard then good luck !
  3. Sigh...thanks for the reply, i'm runin vista 64-bit also. I still have time to return they keyboard, I may just get the G15...I really wanted to have wireless though :\
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