IE Error when re-installing HP laserjet

I have a HP 3005dn LJ which worked fine on my laptop running vista but when i decided to re-install vista, suddenly i'm getting this error when i try to re-install the printer. it's telling me that i have to have IE 5.0 or higher. trouble is, i'm running 7.0 and i'ts not recognizing it! i'm going nuts. please tell me i don't have to abandon my 1 year old laserjet.
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  1. AMNielsen, hi. Have you gotten all the current updates from the Windows Updates site, which includes any updates for IE? Your printer is compatible with both the 32 and 64 bit platforms on the Vista Compatibility Center, so I wouldn't worry about having to get a new printer. Also, are you installing by using the software that came with the printer or allowing Vista to install it with its' own drivers? Cheers...gwb56
  2. There are a couple of updates I haven't down just recently but the first time I tried to re-install it, I was totally current and it didn't work. I tried both - using the software and that's when I got the error but trying to allow Vista to use its own drivers lets me install SOMETHING but a test page won't print. Thanks for looking at this and trying to help me!
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