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Greetings - I'm using OmniPage 16 Pro, Windows XP and MSWord 2007. Using a workflow with automated scan, copy to clipboard. Documents are clean, arial font, 10 or 12 pt, black & white text. Easy scan, no problems with proofing, or sending to clipboard and the scanned text has the same formatting as the original hard copy. Difficulty is when the document is pasted into MSWord, all tabs are dropped and every line has a carriage return so there's a lot of manual cleanup. I've tried both true page and flowing page and still have the problem. I've set the destination document tabs to match the OmniPage doc and that didn't help. I'd appreciate any help available. Thanks! LMS
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  1. Have you checked with the vendor of the product?

    If you don't want to bother with them, try a different Word version, or do the scan directly to a .doc file.
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