Why my floppy disk cannot be formatted it says windows was unable to complete fo

I purchased 10 disk from staples and it is written IBM formatted. I insert the 31/2 floppy drive into the computer to save something. It started to work and the hour glass is rounding. After some time it says the disk is not formatted even though it is written formatted, Then the computer ask me "Do you want to format and it also says that if you want to format say Ok or say cancel. It also says that something prviously saved in this disk will be erased. I did not save anything in that disk. It is brand new. I pressed ok. it started to work and after sometime it says windows was unable to complete format. What should I do? pl help me.

Yours faithfully

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  1. try this "Alkonost MaxFormat 3.60" floppy disk format tool from download.com
  2. Check the lock switch to make sure it's closed. The format warning was simply telling you that anything on the floppy would be lost in the format, not that there was something.
  3. Have you used the floppy drive lately?
    I find that they dont last very long anymore and can be replaced for around 10 - 15 dollars.
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