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Here is the problem,
I have just one partition and one user(admin) in my Notebook . yesterday I lend it to my friend, so for protecting my data , I went to security in C: => Properties and put the whole ticks in deny part.
Now I can not go to my C drive, I can not open regedit with RUN , I can not copy or past any thing, I can not open half of control panel, I can not restore, I can go to my documents , even typing the directory wont work.
the security part in the properties gone.The name of C: become "Access Denied ( C: )".
I try to repair my windows by its DVD but it wont work, 3 months ago I reinstalled my win vista without losing data but right now it want me to format my drive. Please help me.
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  1. Ok , I thought you guys can help me but I find the solution in the other website.I put it in there maybe it works for someone:

    Step 1: Go to safe mode and run CMD (Command Prompt);
    step 2: type exactly "Net user administrator/active:yes";
    step 3: type exactly "Net stop Profsvc";
    step 4: alt+control+Del => newtask => type "explorer";
    step 5: go to start and the Run and type "msconfig" then go to tools tab and launch the Disable UAC (User Account Control);
    step 6: then launch Registry Editor (Or go to run and type regedit);
    step 7: go to this direction "HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Mictosoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system. ";
    step 8: Find "Enable LUA" and locate the value of "0";
    step 9: Your security tap of C drive will be available;
    Note : do not forget to back up your registry or change back the value.
  2. I had the same problem
    i followed the above steps, and after step 9, I thought to do a reboot, (later I think maybe I don't need to reboot, anyway I did it), and I can't log into my administrator account anymore, what to do... HELP...
  3. My problem solved by these steps.Try to do it again step by step.
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