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Why some mails go to spam in yahoo

i have a question,
why some emails in yahoo go to spam instant inbox however they are not spam ?
wiley send me some mails about books but these mails go to spam in my mail . how can i fix this problem .
thank you
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    I don't use Yahoo mail anymore, but there should be an option to "white list" a sender so that Yahoo no longer classifies their mail as spam.
  2. Spam programs can operate different from one another. Usually they are weighted on some score. For example a cutoff threshold may be 10 points. The spam program will assign 1 point if the message is all caps. It may assign 3 point if more than 3 exclamation points are in the subject. It will continue to assign points and if the total surpasses the cutoff threshold, it is flagged as spam.
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