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I right now have a cheaper Linksys Wireless PCI Card and I think it is a WRT54G or something. The antenna connector is partially broken. I am on the opposite side of my house than the router. I don't get a very good connection and it is kind of slow. My brother's laptop can get a much better signal and faster speed using his laptop right next to my desktop. I am confused with all the RangeBooster and SpeedBooster cards. I also can't play an online game like WOW, but my brothers laptop plays it fine right next to me. Btw I am using a desktop. I just want to buy a good card for around $50. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. I went and bought a Linksys RangeMax card and it works great. There is a huge difference now. I can play that game great online now. The model of the card is a WMP110 by the way. I also have just a regualar Wireless-G linksys router. The card I got yesterday is compatible with both G and N. So if I get a N router later I'm set.
  2. Is it compatible with x64 vista? I've been reading that it isn't..?
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