8600 GT overheating?

Hey boys. I've another question and issue for all of you.

my graphics card seemed to start really going down the tubes at one point, and i wasnt sure what caused it. what should have been running 50 to 60 fps was only giving me about 20fps, 30 at best.

so, finally, i decided i would buy a new gpu, as well as upgrade my CPU a little bit to see if that would fix the problem.

I had an 3800+ venice single core and an 7600 GT 512mb card from EVGA.

motherboard is dfi lanparty nf4 ut sli d
corsair pc 3200 TWIN 2x1G sticks RAM
500 watt 'justPC' PSU
windows XP sp2 home OEM

all components are almost exactly a year old now. i have a thermaltake aguila case with fan blowing air in and one out.

i upgraded to a 3800+ dual core with a 8600 GT from XFX. the 8600 does not plug into the PSU either, it has no molex connector--odd?

this upgrade did not help.

i notice that my CPU temperature is around 45c, system is around 37c to 40c, and the gpu had gone as high as 66c. So, i put my fan on it and cpu stayed between 43 and 47, system 37c and graphics card only get as high as 63 but stayed around 57 to 58c.

and then a few hours later, and this may just be my paranoia, but WOW had a fatal error, crashed (not too long after our main tank had a fatal error as well) but instead, i swore i heard a hiss or a bzzt noise, blue screen for a split second, and the computer restarted on me.

luckily it rebooted just fine, said windows had a fatal error, and i carried on as i was, temperatures still around the same with the fan blowing directly into my case. (i got my tier5 shoulders too btw ;))

this is a brand new card i just put in. i was told my system and cpu temperatures are acceptable, however, the graphics card is primed to explode.

anyone have any ideas what could be going on? i was told possible PSU or mobo failure, or possibly nasty viruses or just junk. i had my computer cleared off of junk just a week or two ago a few weeks after i started having the problem with my other gpu/cpu. think a reformat would help?

otherwise, my computer has been acting just fine. its only my performance in gaming that should be at 50 to 60 fps or more, and is down to 20fps.

i plan to purchase new components and build a new box in the next three weeks, but if i can help it, i'd like to wait longer, pending i find a solution to this problem.
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  1. The 8600GT is VERY power efficient unlike its 7600GT cousin... it only eats 41 Watts which the PCI-E lane happy supplies 75W(PCI-E2.0 will do 150W).

    Well the problem with those "drops" in framerates you got with the 7600GT was that nasty 512MB, 128bit bus and 512MB GDDR3 dont mix well and tend to "choke" the card with too much information that it cannot possibly process.

    As you said in your post Temperatures are fine and normal, CPU temps are good 45c with just stock AMD cooler seems about right. the GPU is right on with those temps compare them to what Legionhardware was getting.

    so about 65c Load/46 Idle, OCed it goes to 74load/54idle

    I would aslo read that guide to OCing your 8600GT seeing as legionhardware was able to push there 8600GT to an amazing 693mhz for the core and 1826 for the memory, crazy.
  2. okay, BUT, it HAD been working near perfect for the first few months i had the 7600 GT 512mb. then it started to drop.

    now i have the 8600 GT and i see almost no performance increase or difference. i should be at 50 to 60 fps, or more even, when i am still only at 20 to 30 fps. and thats with all settings medium low to low.

    i used to be able to crank up all my settings to max and keep 50 fps before i had this problem with my 7600 GT.

    so, my temperatures are fine, but, my performance is still crap =(
  3. Try turning up your setting for WoW that game is not a hog like most other games you should be doing high/max with that card.
  4. try turning them UP? but even at lowest possible settings i get crap frame rates.

    so something is going horribly wrong.
  5. at lower resolution and setting your not stressing you GPU as you should, the GPU does light work and the CPU takes a big hit. seeing you have now a dual core AMD you should be good going to Max setting with an 8600GT. just try it.
  6. hmm, well, i turned things way up and still there hasn't been any change for better or worse it seems.

    i am just expecting to see about 50 fps or more flat and i am still getting 25 to 29 in town, maybe 40 to 45 in an instance.

    maybe 'm asking for way too much, but it just doesn't seem right to be. a card like that i should be hitting much higher frame rates i would imagine. i used to with my single core and a lesser card, so 'm not really sure what the deal is.

    i may reformat this weekend, reload everything nice and fresh to see what happens.
  7. Video cards over heating:
    I found a "flaw in the thermal design" of the Nvidia cards. I just put two into computers that have AGP ports in them to keep them up with the latest games.

    Both over heated and hung the games and I figured out it was the new cards (didn't do it before). Doing testing I found their temperatures to be 155f before the controlled fan kicked in. The chip design claims to be able to run to 170f or so and they let them heat up for some dumb reason.

    Their mistake, the memory chips that are thermal pasted onto the same heat plate, CANNOT take those temps. So letting the video processor run cooks the RAM.

    Solution, I pulled the original, controlled fans out (this may require rigging the tach line to report there is a fan running), drilled two holes on the top plate of the heat sink and mounted 60mm fans down over top of the original air intake. (underneath when the card is installed.) It is outside of the video card and can push more air through. Remove the plate before attempting to mod it. Once we ran these fans "always on" the video cards stopped failing.
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