2 8800 gtx's in SLI and low score in 3 d mark 06

my rig is this...e6600 oc'd to 3.0, evga 680i board, 2 8800 gtx's, 2 gigs corsair xms 6400, soundblaster xi-fi gamer...right now I am scoring 12,269 on 3 d mark 2006. without overclocking I was scoring 10500 with both cards in and 9700 with only one card in. Both cards scored 9700 on their own so it seems the cards are not bad. The only thing I notice is that under the title "cooperative adaptors" (3d marks code word for SLI) the value is "no" for my system. It should say yes but it seems to be working to some extent since having both cards in did increase my score by about 800 points (horrible I know but still an increase). Any help would be greatly appreciated. here is the link to my system score for 3d mark:

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  1. Vista is the score(SOURCE) of your bad score.

    Well its not really Vistas fault as more as Nvidia because they have still to get a good working SLI driver for Vista.

    So that score you see is no fault of your own or your hardware simply drivers for vista.(BTW i have that SAME EXACT setup as you, push that E6600 a little more, it can easily hit 3.4Ghz(1520Mhz FSB)
  2. Quote:
    Vista is the score of your bad score.

  3. ah vista....

    if you have xp...reinstall it and then try.
  4. Nvidia drivers for Vista are still crap... SLI in Vista is close to worthless till Nvidia can sort something out.
  5. Probably the source of the problem is your driver. Try to use the latest beta driver instead of WHQL. DX 10 NVIDIA SLI support for GeForce 8 series GPUs is available in v158.43 Beta drivers.
  6. So i tried just removing the ntune program and my score went up more than 200 hundred points. Interesting but still doesn't solve the larger problem
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