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Hey, i use to take out the plug a lot and shut from the starting button, i was dl a program n i removed the plug to prevent the download of a program, now, my conputer is slow, normal dosent open if it does takes forver n gets a blue screen teling me I have a problem and it shuts down. System restore dosent work tellin me in safe mode that i have errors on Acer C. I can run computer on all the safwe mode or repair. Friends tell me to format it but i dont want to loose my acer programs. I want to fix it another way. Help me plz
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  1. Please upload to your next post the minidump files, so that we'll be able to track the problem source.

    More information about the minidump files you'll find in this link:
  2. Im trying to do what you asked but its saying thats there is a problem in the website im trying to download the debugging program. Thank you for answering me iI hope you could lead me to my problem end.
  3. Just a tip: it's not a good idea to pull the plug when your PC is running. It's a good way to fragment your hard drive.

    Start by downloading ccleaner. Use the registry tool to scan and repair the errors. You may need to run this several times to fix everything. Then use the file and application tools to clean up some of the clutter.

    Boot into safe mode with networking. Download, install, and update malwarebytes. Do a full system scan.
  4. Hi, thank you for replying my messages. I have tried the website you told me but the website only works by cached in google and the downloadiing dosent work. I have the files, how can i send them. because, since then, there is a file appearing and telling me what caused the blue screen annd telling me the files that caused it. I have located the files. I just need to know how to send them to you
  5. Download the malwarebytes installer using a different PC. Put the .exe on a flash drive or CD. Then boot your PC into safe mode with networking. Install malwarebytes, update it, and run the full system scan.
  6. Im going it :D hope it works but takes hours. My computer sometime freezes.. do u know any FREE program to remove errors and fix them. I have found reimage but they tell me i have to buy to fix it :(. Helppp Serial number anyone? or u know any other??
  7. No program is a cure-all for errors.

    Once malwarebytes is done scanning for infections, you can double check it by running superAntispyware.

    Once those have removed the infections, download ccleaner, and run the registry tool to fix any registry damage.
  8. On the visat computer, i heard there is the administrator account that is disabled. Maybe by activating it i could access and restore everything.. Do you know hiw i can do that?
  9. how do i run check disk utilitty its saying thats acr.exe is corrupted n its asking to run it i dunno how
  10. To run the chkdsk, go to start-->run-->chkdsk /r

    To access the default administrator account, boot into safe mode (F8 on startup), and choose the administrator account. You can find the restore points:
    start-->programs-->accessories-->system tools-->system restore
  11. Im on safe mode.. FRom all this time ive bin messaging u from safe mode bvecause the normal windows dosent work n takes forever to load n crashes... When i try system restore, it says C has errors. So thats why some files u tell me to dl dosent work so i use the laptop to transfer n fix.. Ive found Reimage and it showed all the problems on my computer but i need the serial number and i have so many errors. Thats why if yo know any program i used tune up dosent work. I have tried registry booster dosent open. Im soo depressed.
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    That software has a free trial, you shouldn't need a key.

    Do you have a windows disc? You may need to do a windows repair.
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