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For the past few days, I've been getting a "BAD POOL CALLER" BSOD. I know this is normally related to hardware/driver problems, but I haven't changed my hardware in a few months, and I haven't updated a driver in a month or so. As I type this, I'm rolling that driver back. Can anybody give me any other ideas as to what the problem could be? The last hardware I installed was my X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty in March or April. Thanks!!!
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  1. I looked around the net and saw that it mostly has something to do with a USB device. Unplug all unnecessary items and see if it still happens. If not then plug in one item at a time(wait a day or so between items) until the error comes back. If this dosen't work then theres always Google.
  2. That's another thing that I had heard...unfortunately, I have nothing plugged into any of my USB ports. I'm using good ol' PS/2 connections for my keyboard and mouse, and everything else hasn't been plugged in for a few weeks.
  3. It could be an internet/network problem. Maybe even a virus. These would be the next places I would check. Good Luck!
  4. Already checked for viruses, malware, spyware, adware...and I got nothing. No network issues either...I'm using a DLink wireless card, and haven't had any problems until now. And there haven't been any driver updates for it, either, so I think it's fine. I rolled back my graphics card driver, and so far, it's running ok. Of course, I haven't done a complete shutdown yet, just a restart.
  5. Run a memory test, sounds like a memory error, I think I had those errors when I had my dodgy memory. Use memtest86 (runs from a floppy)

    just put

    "memtest86 download" in on google and it downloads and just write it to a floppy with the enclosed exe and boot from it. Leave it running until it done it all.

    How much memory have you got?

    Hope that starts to help
  6. "crtl" + "alt" + "del"

    try repairing windows, {not really though}

    did you pull out everything extra and update the motherboard BIOS?

    update all the motherboard drivers

    did you disable the sound on the motherboard when you installed your card?

    Why does my M2N32-SLI Deluxe system reboot itself if an external S/PDIF speaker is connected for playing DVD video CD? What should I do to resolve this problem?

    Please update the audio driver to rev or later to resolve this problem.

    if you have your hardisk and cd rom connected to a different IDE cable (hdisk on primary IDE, cdrom on 2ndary), try to make them connected in one IDE cable. dont forget to re-config it on bios setting.

    it's probably your sound card drivers, you should of downloaded the lastes instead of using the CD:
  7. I updated my sound card drivers once I started having an issue. Mobo BIOS is fully updated, old onboard sound drivers were uninstalled when I installed my sound card and onboard sound was disabled as well.

    Also, I don't have a floppy drive lying around...I have 2 gigs of Corsair XMS ddr2 800 at 5-5-5-15 timings, 1.9v. Never had a problem with it, either.
  8. Hmmmm ok. Well, just try swapping stuff out until you can't (i.e. motherboard) until the problems stops. That will tell you what the problem is.
  9. so you disabled motherboard sound on the motherboard through the BIOS

    and did you try without the sound card in and see if it still happens, so we can isolate the problem?

    oh and can you give us an error code? need as much info as possible on the problem, did it start after a windows update? like a media player update? what are you doing when it gives you the BSOD, is it when you start it up, does it happen in safe mode, what happens?

    and you ran memtest right? you can get on almost any live linux cd as well.
  10. the full STOP error is: 0x000000c2 (0x00000007, 0x00000CD4, 0X00000000, 0X00650052)

    I just pulled my sound card out, and my computer hasn't blue screened yet. I'm probably going to shut it down and start it up a few more times just to make sure that's the problem.

    I didn't run MemTest; I don't have a floppy drive, and I don't have one lying around the house, either.

    My computer usually blue screens about 5-10 minutes after startup. I didn't do any updates or anything before they started...I was gone for a week, came back, and my computer just started blue screening out. I just don't get why my sound card would start causing a problem now when I've had it installed for a few months with no problems.
  11. Well, sound card didn't fix the problem. I just restarted and blue screened again.
  12. I know this is weak, but you could try going back to a previous restore point. Here is a link to the Memtest86 CD download.

    Edit: you might need this to burn the ISO.
  13. and you disable the sound card drivers and reinstalled the downloaded / enabled the drivers for the built in sound?

    you can have some fun trying to debug, if you have time, it will solve your problem {hopefully, manually}, or you can post your memory dump file {or a link to it}.

    is there any $hity Software that you have installed back when this started happening?

    anyways: memtest first, post dump file second.
  14. Hey guys, sorry I haven't checked this in a while. I've been pretty busy lately. Anyway, I'm gonna run Memtest today and see what I get. At this point, I'm hoping it's not a RAM problem, because if it is, it's probably related to my motherboard, as this would be the second batch of RAM I've had issues with since I built this system.

    Anyway, I'll post the results tonight. Thanks!
  15. If it is its quite likely it could be your mobo
  16. check all your voltages on ram and chipset.Try increasing the voltages a little.Low voltages caused BSOD many times on my system.
  17. I dunno, I'm running my RAM at the voltages recommended by Corsair, so I don't think there should be a problem there. Anyway, I'm getting ready to run Memtest, so I'll post the results soon.
  18. Well, I just ran errors.

    Question: I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling my soundcard again. I didn't remove the drivers when I uninstalled it last week (d'oh!). Should I delete everything listed under my sound controllers, or just the stuff specific to my sound card?
  19. did you disable them?
  20. Disable what? The drivers and programs? No, I didn't. I just took out the soundcard because I had an idiot moment.

    If I end up not finding a solution to this problem, I may just reinstall Windows. I think that somewhere along the line, something went awry, and that might fix it. I already copied all my necessary files onto my external hard drive, and I just got a new 400GB to throw in to keep things better organized. I just really don't want to mount and install that until I know what the problem is.
  21. Quote:
    Disable what? The drivers and programs? No, I didn't. I just took out the soundcard because I had an idiot moment.

    do you want to post emoticons next time you use sarcasm, you know that anyone can read it plus that fact that your buying Fatal1ty parts {as if their blessed} and actually think you are an idiot. :(

    so... it wasn't a problem with a WMP11 update 8O

    have fun with google :wink:
  22. Quote:
    Run a memory test, sounds like a memory error, I think I had those errors when I had my dodgy memory. Use memtest86 (runs from a floppy)

    just put

    "memtest86 download" in on google and it downloads and just write it to a floppy with the enclosed exe and boot from it. Leave it running until it done it all.

    How much memory have you got?

    Hope that starts to help

    Thats what i think so too, cause a few weeks a go 1 of my friends had the same problem with some G.Skill RAM.
  23. Woah man, calm down. I wasn't being sarcastic at all, I actually had an idiot moment and just took out the soundcard and didn't disable the drivers. I was in a hurry trying to make progress before I went to work, and just forgot to disable the drivers. On another note, the only reason I bought the Fatal1ty version over the regular Xtreme Gamer was the fact that I got it for the price of an Xtreme Audio after a rebate.
  24. It's not a memory issue, I ran MemTest and had no errors on any tests.
  25. try to run a different OS before you scrap your install. For example, a Linux LiveCD (Knoppix) will autodetect all your hardware at boot; it may crap on whatever is lousy, but then it usually poops a log which is much, much more descriptive than M$'s BSOD.
  26. I just took out the soundcard and disabled the drivers. Computer restarted instead of blue-screening, but that's not the first time it's done that.

    Something I just noticed is that my hard drive activity light is almost constantly lit. I never really paid attention to it, but now that I listen, it's almost constantly being read from/written to. Occasionally, when I restart my computer, Windows won't even boot, or it'll have some error during the load. Could my hard drive be going bad?

    Mitch074: I just started downloading Knoppix. It'll probably take a couple hours on my laptop. I might need a little help running it, though...I've never messed around with Linux at all.
  27. I was being sarcastic :oops:


    Knoppix is a nice tool to have handy.

    and good job backing up your data, before you wish you had.

    try doing this:

    do you have the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD)

    you should run an extended test if you think your drive is about to die
  28. Sorry man. After 3 weeks of trying to figure out what's screwing up my computer, I can't identify sarcasm anymore. My apologies.
  29. I can't get the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic to run. My computer won't even enter DOS. It stops right after the copyright info.

    I noticed something else yesterday, something that makes me think this might not be hardware-related. I booted in safe mode and disabled all other services that were running. When I restarted, my computer didn't blue screen. I went through and checked all of these once before, but I didn't get any results. But, when I checked them, I just rebooted my computer; I didn't completely shut it down and then restart it. I guess it might be worth checking all 27 of those again... :( I'll probably try Knoppix after I check those programs. If I can figure out which ones are causing the issue and delete them, maybe I can fix this whole thing without putting any more money into this computer. Ugh...
  30. Ok, is your system Overclocked? XFI cards dont like overclocked systems. Also, have you done a extensive HDD scan for errors? (sounds dumb but you would be suprised, hapened to me)

    Hope it works for ya.
  31. the CD doesn't boot?

    did you change you BIOS settings so the computer boots from your optical drive first?
    your going to need to do that for Knoppix anyways?

    I'm still pretty sure it is a driver issue considering the stop error.

    we still need your dump :(
  32. DOS just isn't starting. It shows the DOS copyright line and then just goes to a flashing cursor. Nothing else. Can't type anything, can't do anything. It's set to boot from the CD first, which is why it's getting that far as opposed to booting XP. It doesn't make any sense to me, especially considering that I got MemTest to work.

    I'll make a dump file tonight. Just haven't had time yet.
  33. I haven't overclocked at all. From what I heard, this mobo probably wouldn't OC well anyway. And I've run a few different error checks on my hard drive using Norton SystemWorks. It's come up clean.
  34. Just a thought, but it might be your psu...
  35. I doubt it. I've got a 600W Kingwin Mach 1. Plus, if it was my psu, I'd always be blue screening all the time, even when I restarted, and it probably would have started a while back. I'm pulling a max of about 350-400W with my rig. Not to mention I have a friend with the exact same rig (well, he has a larger hard drive and a second optical drive, and a regular Xtreme Gamer) and he's having no problems. I'd just switch out stuff with his computer, but he lives 500 miles away :(
  36. Well guys, I've appreciated all the help you've given me through this whole thing. At this point, I have the problem narrowed down to my hard drive, motherboard, drivers, or programs. I'm gonna knock out two of these birds with one stone. I'm getting ready to start reformatting my computer. I'm hoping that after this, the problem will be resolved. If not, well...I'll let you all know, and you can bash me all you want to. Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate everything you've done and said. And I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  37. good luck.
  38. Well guys, I'm sitting on a fresh install of XP with nothing more than service pack 1 right now. So far, I've encountered 3 problems. First 2 are related, which I thought was kind of surprising. For some odd reason, my Logitech software "updates" my mouse and keyboard drivers back to version 4.xx from 9.xx. That was causing one error. The third is my wireless card. The newest driver is making my computer blue-screen. I rolled that one back, and so far, so good. Of course, I've got a lot of updates to do, though...
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