Heating problem

I have PentiumD 805 (2.66) with an intel fan.

A couple of days ago i removed the HS and fan in order to clean them, and returned them afterwards.

A few days later my cpu temp. began rising, its now 55 in idle, and the fan is at 4000RPM instead of ~2500-3000RPM.

Maybe by removing the HS i've damaged the thermal greeze texture or something like that ?

Or any other ideas ?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You should definitely clean off all thermal grease with a coffee filter and then re-apply.

    I think the thermal grease reacts with the air and then it doesn't work as well if at all
  2. bc is correct - you need to clean off the gunk and apply some new
  3. thanks guys, i'll get some AS5 tomorrow and try that.

    hoping to report that it went well
  4. After applying AS5 the temp droped to 46c.
    now, after a few days it droped to ~41-41c in idle
    i hope it will drop more

    Anyhow, thanks alot for your help dudes
  5. Yeah the drop in temps is referred to as a "break-in" period by AS5's own manual. You can see the same effect on my Q6600 in this thread: dropped by an average of 2.3 °C after about 300 h of use.
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