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I need help for finding a very good Webpage making software.

I need a software that can create a webpage with forums, links & videos.

I really need help so please help me out. My budget is $250 so whatever software for that amount.

Also very easy to create. Im not to good with high tech software. Just somehing easy with easy UI.

Thanks alot for any help given.
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    Dreamweaver is pretty much the standard for web page editing. If you are a student or teacher you can get a discounted rate at $150:

    No software is out there that automatically creates a Forum for you, but there are free open-source forums/portals out there like CMS Forum:

    Also, some web site hosts, such as Godaddy, can "turn one on" (a forum that is) for you. This might be a better way for you to go since you're just starting out with this.

    Setting up the forum on your own would take some degree of technical knowledge as you have to tie an application to a database.
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