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Hi all...

Got some problems with my gaming rig, and it seems a bit wierd. System Specs first:

Ati 4870 x 2
Catalyst 10.4
Win home Vista (32 bit) SP2
4 gb ram

The problem is when I switch on the computer, after the POST and after windows start loading but before I get into desktop, I get a black screen. Subsequently it does not load into desktop. Believing that the computer had hung in the process, i;d reset the system. I'd go into safemode, and then restart the comp from there -- and the 'problem' gets solved. Once I get into windows again, subsequent restarts do not trigger the black screen. The black screen therefore only triggers after ive switched off the computer for an extended period of tme ( like a couple of hours).

Been googling a bit, and thus I've done the following:

-Checked power cables (tried system with diff power cables)
-Reseated my Vcard in case this was the issue.
-Ran chkdisk (left the comp on and let it chk on its own and repair it -- came back after a couple of hours to see it booted in desktop, so I think it cleaned the system)
-Ran Anti Virus/ Malware programs (nothing detected)
-Run mem test for 1/2 a day, there are no errors despite over 1000% coverage.
-ran this but it did not help.

What I'm thinking of doing:
-rolling back 10.4 to something else, in case that is the one causing the problems.
-checking the RAM to make sure it is seated properly
-Thinking of formatting HDD soon (probably over the weekend/friday), but just worried that the problem lies with a hardware rather than software. But if I do format, I'm still considering if I should update to Win 7, considering I can get a 64 bit system that actually *recognizes* my 4 gb ram.
-checking the battery, but worried i may possibly damage the remaining system.

I'm not sure how to solve this problem, and not sure if this is a hardware/software issue. Would love suggestions.

Note- At this point, this problem is an annoyance -- I still can get into windows (via safe mode, and restarting work around) -- but I'd still appreciate a solution to remove the problem completely.

Thanks for your time for reading and replying.
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  1. Quote:
    -rolling back 10.4 to something else, in case that is the one causing the problems

    If booting into Safe Mode without problems, less system drivers are needed in Safe Mode, so it could be a driver causing the non boot black screen. I would start with the video driver for the 4870 X2. Perhaps reload Cat 10.4 or load up and earlier version. Also, if you have a diferent video card, try it and see if the black screen sympyom ceases.
  2. Thanks, will try that and update
  3. Hi again, the roll back doesnt seem to work. And i dont have a spare video card.
  4. If the system were mine, I would look to the video card or the power supply to be suspect. A spare video card would be the first thing I would try.
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