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I added a VGA card to my old computer so it can fully utilize a 1366 x 768 resolution LCD monitor. But when I started my computer, Windows came up (Windows XP) w/o my start button! Not only that, but when I minimize my browser window it disappears altogether from the screen.

Don't know if this is VGA-card-uprade related, but is there any way I can get my start button and toolbar back?
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  1. Is the whole taskbar gone?

    Does the taskbar (the bar along which the Start button sits) reappear when you hover the mouse pointer to where it normally is?.

    See below:

    Hover the mouse pointer over the area where the taskbar normally is, if it pops into view right click an empty space on it and select "Properties". Make sure that "Auto-hide the taskbar" is not checked. Click ok.

    You can also right click on the taskbar again when it is in view and put a check next to "Lock the taskbar".

    This should prevent any accidental changes in the future.
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