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Hey guys, hearing about new malware which apparently stops the cpu fans from running, and apparently will allow your system to fry itself, anyone else heard of this one?
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  1. Never heard of it and I find it hard to believe due to all the different hardware setup's out there.

    Make sure your antivirus is updated and your system is secure and you shouldnt have anything to worry about!
  2. Yeah, I also do repairs, and heard someone mention it, but was kinda like ok, don't know about that. But then my wife read a computer shop's facebook page that said they came across it. Just seems serious if it's real. Didn't know if anybody here had heard of it or seen it yet. The newest viruses out there seem particularly nasty.

    As far as AV, I've worked on systems with updated AV, and still they've had nasty rootkits before.
  3. CPU's have thermal diodes. They will throttle back or shut down if they overheat, so if it does exist, it will be more annoying than anything else.
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