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hi, i bought a hp m9450f computer few years ago and i want to upgrade the motherboard so i can overclock. i dont have a copy of vista but instead i got the hp recovery dvds.

is it possible to transfer the oem to the build with the new mobo. if yes, how would i do this.
will downloading vista from torrents and using my product key work??

just in case, my specs are intel q9300 2.5ghz, 8gb ram, gts 250 and vista 64bit
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  1. knotes, hello. If this is the same computer and you install a new motherboard, then it's possible for Microsoft to consider this a repair, but you'll still need to re-activate it. Your wording is unclear, so I'll state this, "You cannot transfere an OEM to another computer".
    The number to call about licensing is 1-800-426-9400.
    As far as the torrent thing, well, that just doesn't sound legal to me. Also, those versions of a Windows operating system are full of bugs that can have real bad effects on your hardware and applications as well. The torrents containing Windows also contain various malware. Not worth it at all, plus, your key will not work on anything except the system it is registered to...gwb56
  2. what i want to do is to buy a new case and motherboard, and then transfer all the other components into the new case. I don't want to use the software on 2 computers but want to move vista on the new build and i will get rid of the old case and motherboard.

    the problem i have is i don't have vista on CD, i have the hp recovery discs which includes vista and i doubt that the recovery discs will work on the new motherboard as i think the recovery discs are associated to the stock motherboard BIOS.

    is there a way to get a copy of vista or will i have to purchase a new copy.

    You mentioned the torrents are illegal and have bugs and viruses so i don't want to do that.

    anyways thanks for the number, do u think i should call Microsoft and ask them what to do
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    Wouldn't hurt to call Microsoft about the licensing, but I don't think beyond that they'll help you with any tech suggestions, but give it a try anyway. I have read where you don't have to format the hard drive, though a clean install is recommended. After booting with the new motherboard installed, they then installed the boards drivers off its' CD that comes with the board. Here's one such thread...
    Please notice what Geofelt and coldneutron replied.
    I have never done this and, in fact, didn't think it was being done. Another link... If you chose to do so, as I never did this, do at your own risk. I would go online, pose the question and research it thoroughly ( use Google or Dogpile). There isn't a way to get Vista other than purchasing it. Those wonderful Recovery Disks (LOL) only have the means to repair or restore Vista from an image located on a separate partition on your hard drive. Sorry for being so long winded...gwb56
  4. lol i didnt even know that was possible and it sounds risky.. well ill look further into it

    thanks alot for the responses...
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