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Antivirus for gaming pc

Ok ive heard that antivirus can run in the background cutting back your performance while gaming. I heard that norton is especially bad about this and that is what i currently have. any suggestions for a good antivirus from a reputable company that will work best on a gaming pc?
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  1. I use avast and it doesnt seem to cause problems. You can also right-click on the tray icon and you'll have options to disable for 10 minutes, 1 hour, or until rebooted. it also has a silent gaming mode so that no popups will be displayed while gaming in full screen.
  2. I also use Avast on my gaming PC. It's light, fast, and minimal impact on performance.
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    Avast is extremely non-intrusive. You can also schedule boot-time scans by which it will quarantine/remove viruses before windows even loads. This way, if you suspect you have an issue, you can run the boot-time scan and it can detect and quarantine/remove the virus before it starts running in the Windows environment. It will also scan your system restore files.

    I have not had to re-format a system since I've had this running on all my PCs (6) the last 4 years.
  4. ok i guess avast it is
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