How to delete my router details and start again!

I have plusnet wifi, Thomson Gateway, and my Acer management seems unable to recognise it. I think it is disconnecting it as it starts up connected then Acer tells me it is disconnected, when my Xirrus is showing connection, then it appears that Acer disconnects it? I found it very confusing to set up, although I can connect manually. It's really doing my head in and if I contact Plusnet they'll just say it's my laptop causing the problem, which I think it might be. Perhaps I set it up wrong, so should I try again, but I will need to delete it as it is now.
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  1. Hi.

    Look for a "reset button" in the back side of ur router.
  2. :hello: I have tried that, but I think I needed to rescan when I configured, but Wizard didn't work, so had to input info manually. Tried selecting Plusnet connection, and rescan on my Acer management, but nothing happens. It has not made Plusnet my Auto connection, but Windows shows it has connecting it automatically which it does, then Acer disconnects it after about a minute, then I can't find any networks, eventually it comes up. Acer support is non-existent, and Plusnet have told me it's my Laptop. I thought it might be easier to ask someone, but I do have PDF manual for this 5920g model. Just so complicated. Looks like I am going to have to bloody read the thing!!!!! Thanks anyway.
  3. Just to let anyone know, I don't know what the hell I have done, but I must have done it right? Crossfingers, in my last 6 startups Acer has now begun recognising the router as the default. Early days yet, but "hope" whatever problem was, it is now sorted. Thanks everyone who has read this, and Saint 19, thanks for your time.
  4. Good for u, sorry if my help don't solve ur problem but I was really busy this week.
  5. Thank you!! It was nice to know someone was thinking about my problem. Really do not know what I did, I've been messing around with it since I got my new router about 3 weeks ago now. At one point I messed the whole system up and had to restore it back to the day before. Phew! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING REALLY! Never been any good with science or geeky stuff. TOO STUPID. Take care!
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