Poker software. Works on computer, not other. Registry?

Been using poker software fine for a long time. Yesterday it worked. Today it won't connect to the client. There was a software update. Nobody else seems to have problems. Uninstalled all software. Uninstalled all firewalls. Restarted. Downloaded one client. Same issue. I can't image what is going on... Other poker software not on this network, works. Internet works. Other poker players in my country on the same software aren't having problems. Tried my laptop. Windows Vista. Works. So local issue. Thoughts?

I use Win7 but others on this op system using this poker software aren't having problems. It's like there is some sort of registry blockage or lingering firewall blockage... something specific to this computer...
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  1. I've since tested on another computer I have. WIn7. Works. It's like a switch has been turned off on that other computer. I can't imagine where that switch or setting is... I have uninstalled and reinstalled incessantly, no firewalls. So strange...
  2. Prob solved
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