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Vista PC freezes.....

Hello, I am going nuts with this random freezing issue. The PC just locks up and the only fix is to hold the power button for 4 seconds and kill it then reboot. I have tried several things to figure it out. So far I have upgraded my video card and power supply. (video fan was dead and power supply weak anyway). I ahve also swapped out sticks of RAM, ran AVG, Malware Bytes, CCleaner, etc. I am pretty much out of things to try. Any ideas???
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  1. Try to scan the dimms with Memtest86+

    Also make sure that the temperature of your devices (Video card / CPU / MB etc...) is not too high.

    Note that the HD can also be the cause for this problem, though it is a bit more rare.
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    try upgrading all the drivers for hardware
    it might be the HDD as said above
    antiviruses arent all to relyable, so maybe reformatting your HDD will help
    Maybe your OS is comflicting with new hardware
    and unplug all unnecessaru USB devices at startup, then insert them one by one, and if just after you have plugged one in, your PC freezes, this means your device could be faulty or the USB port in your computer MOBO is faulty.
    If it is this, just get a 4 way USB dock...
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