System Freezes when I use keyboard

Im trying to fix my computer that ive had for a long time. Last week I noticed during my computer log on when asked to press ctrl alt del to logon, when i push it the computer would freeze. I tried using different keyboards both usb and ps2 with no luck. So as a last resort I tried a system repair. The system repair will load all the way untill it asks for me to enter my cd key, as soon as i push a key to enter it, the system freezes again, However the text indicator ( | ) is still flashing.

I use this computer for my business and have sensitive data and programs within the harddrive ( and no backup ). Is there anything I can do that wont resort to a full system format?

Note: the keyboard works when navagating BIOS
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  1. This seems a hardware conflict error. You can repalce BIOS. :bounce:
  2. Can you be more specific please, do you mean clear my bios? Any one else have an idea?
  3. Download ubuntu and use the live CD to do your backup, or you can also put that hard drive as a slave in a different PC to get all your sensitive data out.

    Do you need help in doing this?
  4. will using ubuntu and doing the back up save the programs? the programs and files are very important because the program i use is no longer in circulation and it has my financial history in it. If so yes, if you can help me with a walk through please
  5. Ubuntu should be able to recover and save copies of your data files (providing you know where they are), but it won't be able to copy installed applications unless you know what components (exe files, dll's etc) it uses and what registry keys it sets.

    Do you still have the original installation media/files for the applications? if not you have a big problem.

    Did you have any anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed?
  6. MrLinux is right, you won't be able to copy the installed programs.
    But at least you should be able to copy all your files.
    Which program are you using, that now is obsolete?
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