Would an 8800GTS pair well with a Socket 939 CPU?

Currently I have an Athlon 64 3200+, but I'm thinking about upgrading to a Opteron 170. As for a GPU I have a Geforce 7600GS, and I've taken an interest in the 8800GTS 320mb.

If I do get the Opteron, will it pair well with an 8800? Meaning will I get the full power of the GPU without the CPU bottlenecking it? Or would it be better to wait until I get a whole new system (Core 2 system), and perhaps even get an 8900?

I have 1gb of RAM if that influences the decision, and I'm reluctant to upgrade since DDR1 RAM is a lot pricier than DDR2. :P
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  1. It will work just fine.

    More ram is always good too.
  2. There shouldn't be an CPU bottlenecking?
  3. If you oc your cpu to 2.4ghz there wont be anything noticable.
  4. I already have my 3200+ at 2.4ghz, so doing the same on an Opteron 170 (2.0ghz stock) shouldn't be hard at all. :P
  5. Quote:
    There shouldn't be an CPU bottlenecking?

    No there wont be.
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