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Hi,no signal going to the keyboard or monitor,the hard drive starts,for about 15

My computer stopped working.
When I turn it on, the fans start,the hard drive start but no beep ,no display ,the mouse lights and if I push the cd button it will open
then after 15seconds the harddrive and fans stop?
Thank you for any help you can give me
I'm not a computer wiz so be easy on me
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    That sounds like the MB (mother-board) is damaged, or even something related to the power supply.

    If you experienced enough to open the PC case, and plug&unplug devices over there, let me know, so that I'll be able to provide you further help.
  2. thank you
    I replaced the power supply .Their was only11 volts in the old one, but still no good.
    I tried unplugging everything but still nothing,
    I will try anything if its broke I can't do any more harm. right?
  3. Matan Eldan
    Thank You
    you were right
    bad mother board
    but worth fixing
    thanks again
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