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Hi, I was recently infected by Antispyware Soft virus. In my attempt to remove it, my screen went black, so I had to restart my computer. Upon entering my login screen, I was unable to login because my keyboard and mouse stopped working. I have tried booting safe mode also and they still won't work at the login screen. They do however work at the BIOS start up. I have looked around but I couldn't find any option for USB Legacy drivers. I went to some USB option and selected [Enabled] and it still doesn't work at the log in screen. I have no PS2 ports, so I cannot try that. I also was able to use my mouse and keyboard when attempting a system repair to do a system restore, but that didn't fix anything. I am at a loss at what to do. I am hoping someone is up late, as I will be gone most of the day tomorrow/later today.

I am currently posting from a laptop and unable to remember any specs of my desktop aside from the fact it is Windows Vista.

EDIT - I can access the Command Prompt via System Repair, but I don't know if I'm able to do anything to fix my problem through it.

EDIT 2 - Ok, I ended up trying a different restore point. Mouse and keyboard started working. Let's just up it stays that way.
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  1. If everything is ok at the moment, Turn off system restore, Restart you computer and turn it back on. If there was anything hiding in system restore, this will clear it.
  2. Is there any other way to fix this problem? Mine computer won't let me restore to an early point it gives me an error saying it is unable to restore invalid parameter after it goes through the whole processes saying it's restoring. I don't want to reinstall vista and loose some important files. Any other ideas?
  3. lose files not loose them sorry for the typo
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