Wireless connection issues after windows reinstall

First of all, im new to the page, so hi to all

Now, on to my problem.

I have a IBM thinkpad Z60m whivh i've had for almost 1½ year now, worked fine with everything, untill recently where it started to get slowed down by too much junk on the hard drive, so i decided to format the drive and reinstall the computer, after saving the DRIVER folder and all my documents.

Before i reinstalled the networking worked flawless, excellent connection to the router and no real disconnects. But after the reinstallation was complete, when i had reinstalled all drivers recommended from lenovo webpage, i tried to connect to the wireless router, only to find out that the laptop won't connect to it anymore. When i initiale the connection it tries for a few seconds, then the light on the wireless connection symbol on the laptop turns off and i get a message saying that the connection could not be established, and that the router might not be in range anymore.

After that i did some troubleshooting, reinstall the drivers, rebooting, etc. but it is still not doing any difference, it just wont connect.

I have 2 other laptops who also works flawless with the router, so the problem is somehow software related i think, but the driver i installed isnt from the DRIVER folder from the previous installation, the folder didnt really had the driver in it, the network related folders only contained the file "INFCACHE.1" so im really confused about how to make this wireless connection work again.

I would appreciate any help that anyone can give

in advance, thanks

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  1. Dude, you are not alone. That only a thing i vcan say about it. I hope that some one knows what should we do.
  2. Perhaps the original install included a newer driver for the wireless adapter than your reinstall. Find for the latest driver -- if possible from wireless maker's site.
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