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The My Computer Icon is missing from my Start Menu. I have tried the properties options on my Desktop. I've tried editing the registry. Nothing works. What is interesting is that in the Classic Start Menu it does show up, but I don't like that menu. Please help.

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  1. Left click the start button, select an empty portion of the menu and right click go to properties, then customize, select the advanced tab, under My computer select the display as a link option, or display as a menu, whichever works better for you
  2. I don't seem to have an empty portion of the menu; when I click on something it gives me information on that specific shortcut. If when to the properties right clicking on the Start button and trying to find what you are saying and it's not there. There's no My Computer under the advanced tab.
  3. any place of the taskbar where you don't have any letters, like next to log off
    I would send you a screenshot but I don't know how
  4. This is one thing I've already tried. There is no "My Computer" to check. I will tell you that this is in the classic menu. If I check the other menu, it does show up. Is there something I can copy and put in the classic menu?
  5. Hit F11 it is that easy. I had the same trouble and I caled our tech support it came right back
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