Switching from opera to something else, which browser do you suggest?

Hi, I've been a big fan of opera from the last 10 years or so. Unfortunately, even after all these years, lots of websites dont display properly in opera.
I'm thinking of moving to a new browser, which one would you suggest?
I'm thinking of Firefox 5 or Chrome. I cannot install IE9 because I'm using XP. Which one is better out of these two? I need a good browser that can display pages properly, speed is not an issue, i have a high speed connection.
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  1. Firefox 5 :hello:
  2. well, Chrome is way faster, it is built over webKit. I'd suggest you to stay with Opera and, if a site fails, access it through other browsers. Change browsers only if there are too many websites that does not work (which I don't think is the case)

    Firefox is full of add-ons and so on. If you want to change, try them =]
  3. You can run them side by side and then pick the one you like. That's how I've been using them. I do use Chrome for the most part when I'm not using IE9, but I run all 3 on my desktop.
  4. Firefox 5 and Chrome are both good browsers. Maxthon and Avant, popular in China, are also good, available in English and are freeware. All of these also come in portable versions, if you want to install them on a flashdrive and take them with you on trips to use on another computer, or if you are not sure if you want to install them on your hard drive you can first test them on a flashdrive. If you install Firefox Portable on your flashdrive, you can use the Faster Firefox addon. That places an icon on your desktop for a faster start, with your flashdrive plugged in, so you don't have to look for the execution file every time. Avant is great, also, because it is small and supposedly faster than Internet Explorer, is has a good translation tool between any languages, and provides quick access to your emails with just a click within the browser. If you use Avant, I would suggest you download the latest stable version, rather than the latest beta, but that would be your choice. I have used the beta versions without any problems.

  5. Ever since I switched to mac I've been using Safari. Before I was using FF and I would swear by it. Safari is a nice breather offers some cool features that FF doesn't.
  6. I remember when Opera would fit on a single floppy disk & you had to pay $40 for it!

    Opera is simply the best. For poorly coded sites Just Right Click & open with FF or IE in XP.

    FYI: Google Chrome is little more than big brotherWare spying on you.
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