How to empty outlook 2007 folder by specific year?

Hey guys, I'm at work right now and a co-worker wants to empty her deleted folder of old email (2009 & 2010) but she wants to keep deleted ones from 2011.

In outlook it allows you to sort by groups and and you can right click on the group heading and delete all the ones under that heading.

The problem is that outlook only specifies time periods back to 1 month then it goes to "older". Yea all the 2009-2010 email are "older" but so are alot of the 2011 ones.

What I want to know is there a way to have outlook group emails by year like all 2010 emails, all 2011 emails etc. other than the "older" heading after they get a month or so old. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Why not just sort by received date (which most people default to anyway) and select the last message from Dec. 2010 and then shift-select the last message at the bottom of the list (oldest) and hit Delete? Seems pretty simple.
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