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Virtually all the time my new gaming PC sits around doing nothing now that I've given up on FSX (due to it underutilizing the graphics card/CPU and still getting bad FPS and the many bugs), so I'm asking you what other uses there could be for all that potential processing power. I already have BOINC installed and sometimes work on WCG (Help Conquer Caner), Collatz Conjecture and Milkyway@Home. However, it's expensive to run and I can't see what advantages it has for me if I run it for a long time. Is there any way I can 'rent out' my processing power or do a similar thing to BOINC, but I get paid? I want to use my computer's power for something useful before it goes out of date! I'm not saying that I don't like charities, I will continue to donate my computing power to BOINC, but due to to energy costs and the money I spent on my computer I would like to see if there is a more beneficial application out there for me.

Thanks :)
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  1. Since you are looking to get something out of this (as I would have suggested folding) you can try BitCoin. I haven't had much experience with it and only recently heard about it, but it sounds like people are making money from it. Not sure if it's worth it in your case but definitely might want to check it out.

  2. I have downloaded it and it looks interesting, and I will run it overnight to see how well it copes. It prefers the GPU so I can have World Community grid using the processor and BitCoin using the GPU!
  3. I started Bitcoin mining myself off and on this weekend with a single HD6790. At current exchange rates, it looks like I may have about $2.00 so far, from which I need to subtract power cost (not much, maybe $0.35?). As a mere test, it isn't running flat out with a maximum GPU OC; the PC-Q08R it's in really doesn't deal too well with the heat (GPU is at ~86C, CPU mostly idle is at ~62C). If worthwhile, and it looks like it is, I will probably put 2-3 of them in another box and run it closer to max.
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