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I recently did a factory restore with the dell laptop that i have using the hidden partition. I know everything was going to go back to original factory settings so i backed up everything including my docs. After i transferred my files back on and did all of the windows updates, i was having trouble opening my word documents. The computer came preloaded with office xp (MS word 2002). Word 2002 is on the computer after i did the factory restore. When ever i open up a word doc from the desktop or explorer directly it gives me an error message saying it cannot find the file, and the office xp (windows installer begins to run) and gives me an error message 1706. After i hit ok, word opens up fine. Also i can open my documents inside the word program by FILE<OPEN without a problem. Also when i run the word program by itself it begins the windows installer and asks from my disc (which i don't have because it was preloaded). How do i resolve this? And do i really need the disc? I also tried the repair option in word and it still does the same thing. Is there a registry edit for this?
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  1. You need to repair the file association.
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