E6600, Ninja with Fan, Ambient 25c, Idle 31, Load 65!

I just built my first comp with the following components:

E6600 with Ninja
Corsair 520HX
Corsair XMS 2x1gb

The cooling set up is as follows:

1 Yateloon in the Front pulling air in
1 Yateloon on the Top of the case
1 Yateloon on the Back of the Case
1 Yate Loon Mounted on Ninja

I used artic silver 5 on the Ninja and I'm sure its seated properly, I have not OCed at all. The fans are all running at 1100-1200 rpm. I am using Intels Thermal Analysis tool (TAT) to put full load on both cores.

Full load is 65c or 66c, but with a high end game life Bf2 it only goes up to 40. I've read on this http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/Core-Duo-Temperature-Guide-ftopict221745.html guide, that with an idle temp or 31, my load temp should be around 50-50c, thats why the 65c temperature concerns me

So, is TAT an unrealistic test and are my temps fine, or is there something wrong I'm doing. I mean, two orthos put my CPU at 52c.

Thanks, I would appreciate any help with this, maybe personal experiences.
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  1. First. make sure you didn't use too much thermal grease. If that's not the problem, then your best bet would be to lap your heatsink and cpu. Most if the C2Ds heat spreaders are concave to some degree. However, lapping your cpu voids the warranty. So you may just want to only lap the heatsink first and see the results.
  2. nice build! how quiet is that corsair compared to your other fans? I would assume that your 8800 is your loudest componet!

    what motherboard were you running?
  3. Oh ya, motherboard, MSI p6n Platinum, it runs perfectly, its great.

    My powersupply is my quietest component, I mean, I can hear all my yateloons over it. The 8800gts is my loudest component when I play games, but when Im just surfing, its very quiet.

    I might try lapping the heatsink, but I'll wait until the A5 burns in, then maybe my temps will drop to around 55.
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