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I have a visually impaired employee and need to change the standard vga output on the computer to a negative image. Can this be done with software?

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  1. This is normally done by using a high-contrast theme.
  2. The employee is in a call center. The employee uses client web sites to place orders for customers that are calling in. Most client web sites that we place orders on are light background with dark text. The employee can't see that. I need to somehow change the video output to a negative image.
  3. Change the employee. :)
  4. MrLinux answer should get you what you want, just right click on your desktop, then go to properties.

    Select the Appearance tab, and for Color Scheme select High Contrast Black, then hit OK
  5. I need a negative on all views including web browsing. This will not give me what I need.
  6. Use the PowerStrip program... under Color Profiles, Configure, check the invert gama ramp option... done! Then choose a color scheme that compliments negative image... tweak a little, web will look proper now
    Get it here
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