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I have a Sharp XE-A22S cash register. I am trying to load the sofware from the Sharp website to load information into the register. when I try to open the program after the download, I receive a 'run time 85' error. Called Sharp (haha) and they couldn't help. She said I need to download the drivers for a 32-bit Vista system, but they don't have any.
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    Go to Select software type for Windows (r) PC Link Software - this software allows for cash register programming, backup of data files, file conversion to Quickbooks(r) ( 2008-2010) and a receipt graphics utility via USB connection. Note, install software before connecting USB cable to cash register. Supported Windows(r) version include: Windows (r) XP(r) and Windows (r)Vista Home Premium and Windows(r) 7.
  2. We just bought the Sharp A206 register for our new business, and have been trying like crazy to install the software downloaded from the website. My laptop has Win7, and it just won't install the drivers for the register. In fact, once the software is installed, and then the register is connected via USB cable, it 'messed up' the programming we already did on the register. After a few frustrating days, we dug out an older desktop running WinXP, and the software seems to have installed correctly. I don't know if I have too high of security settings on my laptop, or if it's a Win7 issue, or if the instructions for how to install w/ Win7 aren't correct.

    Anyway, just wanted to post this note since I was looking for solutions online, and saw many other similar questions. This hopefully will help keep someone from kicking the dog in frustration! ;)
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