DWA-556 PCIe not detected

Hi all,

I just bought a brand new D-Link DIR655 router with a DWA556 wifi adaptor.

I plugged it in one of my 2 free PCIe 1x slot, closed my case and started up my computer. Once in Vista business 64, I put my drivers CD in and received the message that there is no such hardware detected in the computer. I shut down my computer, put my card in my other available slot, once back in vista, nothing again...

I know this is a fairly new piece of hardware, but is there anybody that know about this kind of problem? My MB is an ASUS M2N-E, all drivers are up-to-date, except BIOS and I got a brand new installation of all my computer for 3 days now, so everything is fine, except that.

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  1. Wow, PCIe for wifi ! Why?

    More seriously, if you treat this as a regular mobo/PCI issue you'd look for IRQ and DMA issues and start by disabling any devices on the motherboard that you're unlikely to use: COM ports, Game port, Parallel printer port (if using USB printer).
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