How will the new C2D's perform in relation to the current?

From what I can tell by benchmarks, charts and people's purchasing of C2D's on NewEgg, the E6600 looks to be the current sweet spot for CPU price/performance. With the new C2Ds coming though that are dropping mostly to the <$200 mark AND running on a FSB 1333, I have to wonder if now the lowest of the new C2D Conroes (The E6450 I think) will take the spot of the E6600 as the price/performance king.

So does anyone have benchmarks or some good speculations as to where these new C2Ds sit on the curve?
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  1. The new C2D's are just there to make intel money.

    You can make your own 6450, 6550, 6650...etc.... if you like. Just buy a 6600 cpu and set the FSB to 333 and the multiplier to whatever is required to get the same frequency as the cpu of your choice.

    viola unofficial 6x50.

    PS: (Yes i know the G0 stepping is better for OC before people pick holes in my post)
  2. I have only seen 1 review as of yet and that is of the 6750. There is a thread going on it here:

    In the first post there's a link to the review.
    It seems that stock performance really barely differs fromm it's 6700 counterpart but it seems to OC well.

  3. The 1333MHz FSB only yields an average performance increase of ~2%, nothing to write home about. The 'exciting' thing about the 1333FSB C2Ds is that they debut at the lower pricepoints, making them excellent value.

    The $183 E6750 (2.66GHz) will be the sweet spot for (dual core) performance, obviously many people would prefer to pay the extra $80 for the Q6600.

    The $163 E6550 (2.33GHz) is also a good deal, giving ~E6600 levels of performance but is 30% cheaper.

    Of course I suspect the E6600 may drop to ~$160 too, and it may be worth sticking with it for overclocking due to the 9x multiplier. Hopefully the newest 1066FSB C2Ds will get the G0 stepping too.
  4. Quote:
    C2D blah blah who gives a squirt of pee! Not me! Bring on Phenom Quad Core!

    Well, in a slightly twisted way, you *should* care, because a $163 E6550 will match your beloved X2 6000+, which means AMD's top of the line CPU will only be worth $163 if they want to keep up in price/performance.

    Obviously such a scenario would be very bad news for AMD's already fragile margins and financial state. K10 for desktop will not be arriving until late Q4, so for basically the rest of the year AMD will have to rely on desktop CPU sales ranging from $50 on the low end to $160 on the high end. We're looking at heavy losses for the rest of 2007... ouch! 8O

    So, if I were you, I would be giving more than a squirt of pee. Perhaps a load of shit should cover it. :lol: :wink:
  5. Quote:
    C2D blah blah who gives a squirt of pee! Not me! Bring on Phenom Quad Core!
    Yeah, these CPUs are all faster than the one you own so you've got no reason to care.
  6. Quote:
    C2D blah blah who gives a squirt of pee! Not me! Bring on Phenom Quad Core!

    Please tell me this is a joke. The price drops on the C2D's are gunna be amazing. I personally can't wait to build a new rig over the next couple of months. I don't understand the reason to be so blinded by allegiance to one brand when another is clearly superior.
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