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Was wondering, purchased my pc with windows xp already installed, if I wanted to upgrade to windows black.....would I have to re-install my other programs again? :??:
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  1. Yes you will have to re-install your programs, and asking about Pirated software (Windows Black) on a PUBLIC forum isn't the smartest thing.

    Also be awair that *some* copies of Windows Black contain malicious code.
  2. What is windows black?
  3. It's a pirated version of windows that may include other software (also pirated).
  4. OK
    But why would someone install that version?
    What's the "cool" thing about it.
    What I'm thinking is if there's a "Black" version, and someone is asking for it, then it should have different features than the regular version.

    Well at least I learned something new today.
  5. It's usually slipstreamed and contains other pirated software that people want all in one install. (Trojan horses included for free :kaola: )

    Big risk in my opinion. :non:
  6. I don't even have SP3 slipstreamed in my XP disc, I just install SP with SP2 and then run SP3, I've seen that the slipstreamed discs don't work well for all machines, so that's why I have my original XP SP2 and a downloaded complete SP3.

    At least that's what I've found that works better for me.
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