Need to Restore to new HDD

I have an old Dell SBS 2003 machine with the c: drive getting dodgy sectors... some one suggested it would be good to backup up the c drive and restore to a new hdd. OK so I did a full backup - not all backed up successfully as the dodgy areas didn't work (mainly my AVG internet security program) - onto another hdd I have on the system. I have now added a new HDD (IDE) and want to restore the whole lot to the new drive and start using that as my boot disk - just not sure what to do next.
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  1. How did you do the backup.
    I think that your best bet is to clone the drive.
    I don't know the name of the application to do that, but I guess you can google it.
    If the cloning is successful you will have an exact copy of your current hard drive.
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